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    Hillbillyz 2.0
    is coming
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We are ambitious for an October 2023 re-opening.

"I would like to thank everyone who has stepped up and helped with this major construction project. There are too many people to mention but you are all appreciated.
Everyone is invited to stop by and look around while we put the final touches on the construction. Please follow and share this page, we will be adding new information and pictures as we finish up. Thanks again to all of the friends of Hillbillyz."

Hill Country Purveyor of BBQ and Beer & Since 2011


A bit of history

"6 years before we opened in 2011, I started accumulating old pine and tore down an old house because I wanted it to look old. It took me 6 years to put it together as a self made entrepreneur with my personal income flow. Most of the original decor I have accumulated over the course of my life. 1/4 of it was donated from patrons of Hillbillyz. I built Hillbillyz as a retirement project for me and my wife, Anne, and it just grew and grew and grew - that soon I realized it was no longer a retirement project anymore. We were in business 11 years until the fire on October 25, 2022. I believe that the fire was a lightning strike the night before and it took until the next day to ignite. Hillbillyz 2.0 is aimed to be an inclusive destination in the Texas hill country." - Billy Lieck

Hillbillyz of Texas 2.0 - The Rebirth

Progress Report --- Follow along as we Rebuild

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